Build a business.

Yaks can fill the market niche of every cattleman, small acreage owner or exotic breeder. They provide a source of breeding stock, crossbreeding stock, meat production, fiber, milk and dairy products, hides, horns, and make excellent pack or show animals.

Yaks are very easy to fence, requiring no special consideration. They are content in a small area and mix well with other livestock.

They are very efficient food-converting animals and eat about half of what an average beef animal does. They are browsers and grazers and do well on a variety of pastures with no supplemental feed required. A mineral block and that is it. A mature yak can do well on as little as 6-10 pounds of grass hay per day. They alternate their day between browsing and lying quietly chewing their cud.

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The International Yak Association exists for the purpose of advancing awareness of the Yak and for benefiting its members through education and communication. As Yaks are still quite rare on a national scale, we rely on our members to come together with their experiences and knowledge so that we may continue to learn about this multi-faceted bovine.

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